[001] Lunavast CrafteHbot Full Color 3D Printer Kit

[001] Lunavast CrafteHbot Full Color 3D Printer Kit

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CrafteHbot is a FFF(fused deposition manufacturing) 3D Printer with components from disassembled color inkjet 2D printer that enables full color 3D printing.


2 different types of Full Color 3D Printing Modes

1. Color Layer Printing

After every 3D layer printing, color 2D inkjet printing process to the each 3D printed layer is done. This function enables full color 3D printing for any shapes.


2. Direct to Object (Surface color printing)

The printer full-color prints to external surface of a 3D printed object by rotating it so the surface of object can be color printed from different angles. However, as the ink spraying distance of the inkjet printer is just within 10mm, in case the 3D printed objects have too complicated shape, they must be divided to several pieces so that the entire surface can be painted. Then, the all pieces need to be assembled.

Since the kit does not include inkjet printer, users need to source a specified secondhand inkjet printer or purchase separately on the online store of Lunavast. Then, some components will be mounted on the 3D Printer.


3D Printing method FFF(Fused deposition manufacturing)
Full Color Printing method Color Layer Printing or Direct to Object
Build size ( X Y Z ) Single color or Color Layer Printing: 200x200x200mm
Direct to Object: 150x150x150mm
Layer height 0.1-0.3mm
Build materials PLA/PETG/ABS etc.
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
3d print speed 50-150mm/s
Extruder Bondtech QR Double drive gear(Dual extruders)
Hot end E3D V6
Electronics RADDS + Arduino Due (32bit ARM Coretex M3)
Firmware aprinter
Inkjet printer EPSON R230 (Required separately)
Inkjet ink spray distance About 10mm
Inkjet ink Lunavast 6 colors (CMYK/LC/LM)
Host software Repetier-Host + Inkjet control plugin
Color model processing software Blender
Operation system Windows 7
Weight 30kg
Dimensions Width 130cm x Depth 70cm x Height 70cm


 Lead Time: 4 weeks


  Included items in the kit


  Required separately

  Inkjet Color Printer EPSON R230   Purchase now



Printing examples


Color Layer Printing

3D map


Color calibration plate


Direct to Object

Color calibration cube


3D Map

Child's drawings are color printed on 3D printed plates